Our Culture

Leflar Bros aims to be a positive force in the strength sports community. Our goal is to help grow the sport by directly supporting three pillars to promote improvement and growth: empowering the athlete, fostering competition, and sponsoring quality media.

The Three Pillars
  • Empower the Athlete

  • Foster Competition

  • Sponsor Media

Empower the Athlete

Improve the athlete at the individual level with direct sponsorship. This allows the athlete to focus on purpose driven training and not the cost of training and competing. A focused athlete raises the performance quality of the sport improving, not only, the caliber of competition, but draw to viewership.

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Foster Competition

Improve competitions at local, state, and national level with direct sponsorship. This allows meet directors to host meets of excellence and, in some cases, with cash prizes. A professionally run meet with the highest standards attracts the best competition which produces the most exciting experience for the athlete and audience. Cash prizes amplify the effect.

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Sponsor Media

Improve the quality of media with direct sponsorship. Media helps draw attention to a sport while engaging and educating the audience. An engaged and educated audience improves the culture of a sport, providing it direct attention and feedback which raises its overall quality. Quality media fuels stimulation, debate, and interest in a sport from within and without and is a must for growth.

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